Drew Cagle & The Reputation is a High Energy, No Apologies, National Touring Hard Rock Band from Champaign, IL.

In the beginning, the band’s cultivating stage presence and artistic vision set them apart from the other touring bands in the Midwest. They released their debut album “Haunted” on Oct. 31st, 2021. The independently released record quickly reached 100k streams within its first months by highlighting the band’s ability to create songs with catchy hooks, big choruses, raw emotion, and meaningful lyrics that tell a story.

Throughout 2022 & 23′ DC&R solidified themselves as one of the top “must see live” rock bands in the US performing alongside artists like Puddle of Mudd, Lita Ford, Head East, Humble Pie, Doyle (The Misfits), The Black Moods, Austin Meade, and more. Earning the nickname, “The Baddest Band on the Planet” after their explosive performance style and unique version of modern rock n’ roll they call “Attitude Rock”.